Top 10 Happy Side Effects of Smoking Weed

10 Happy Side Effects of Smoking Weed

Many people that have smoked weed before are very familiar with the feelings that one gets from being high. While the majority of politicians and the media tend to focus on the negatives of smoking weed, the truth is the positives are far more plentiful. These benefits can be both physical and mental, and some could just provide you with straight up enjoyment. So what does one gain from lighting up? Here are ten happy side effects of smoking weed.

  1. Less Anxiety

One of the main benefits of smoking weed is its ability to reduce anxiety and stress. It is very common for those struggling with anxiety to smoke weed to calm down. When you’re high, everything seems to slow down and relax, especially if you’re smoking specific types of weed strains. Anxiety and other mental illnesses are becoming increasingly common in our society, and smoking weed can be a great way to combat them.

  1. Pain Relief

The main physical benefit that smoking weed can provide is the ability to reduce pain. Due to this, marijuana is commonly used to combat things like arthritis. If you struggle with a lot of pain, smoking weed can be a great way to relieve it. Obviously living a pain free life will have a massive improvement on your quality of life, making pain relief a huge benefit of smoking weed.

  1. Better Mood

If you have a friend that smokes weed, then no doubt you’ve heard about that killer high life. Smoking weed can go a long way in elevating your mood and making you happier overall. While no one should rely on substances to control their emotions, smoking weed can be a great way to help you cope with and recover from things such as depression. Once you get high from smoking weed, you’ll totally understand just how great it is at improving your mood and making you happier.

  1. Regulate Seizures

An extremely interesting benefit of marijuana is its ability to combat seizures. Seizures can be a very scary thing, and sometimes almost no treatment works. However, some studies have found that smoking weed can actually help with seizures and can be a great way to combat them. So if you’re someone who struggles with seizures and haven’t been able to find a solution, you should definitely consider smoking weed.

  1. Increased Entertainment

When smoking weed almost everything seems to be funny and entertaining. Some stoners have been known to laugh about everything and can be enthralled by the simplest of entertainment options. If you’re looking for a great time, light up and turn on your favorite show. You’ll be shocked at just how much more entertaining and funny your high can make your favorite show seem. If you’re looking for something new, try watching one of the many stoner movies, movies specifically designed to watch while high. These movies are always a great time, and will surely entertain you easily.

  1. Reduced Alcoholism

Weed gets a bad rep in the media, but the truth is it's nowhere near as dangerous or addictive as alcohol. If you’re someone who’s struggling with alcoholism, then weed can actually be a big help. Instead of reaching for a drink, try smoking a little bit instead. Consuming a little bit of weed instead of guzzling down alcohol is a much safer alternative and can help you reduce your overall alcohol consumption. 

  1. Increased Appetite

If you’re someone who struggles with eating and can’t maintain your weight, then smoking weed can be a huge help. It’s no secret that getting high can lead to “munchies”, causing you to get hungry and consume more food. You would be shocked just how much smoking weed can increase your appetite and make you want to eat, something that could be a huge benefit for someone who is looking to gain weight.

  1. Improved Creativity

Another important benefit of smoking weed is the increased creativity it can bring you. As mentioned before, smoking weed can elevate mood and reduce stress, allowing you to think clearly and creatively. In addition, smoking weed in itself can lead to some crazy abstract and creative ideas. If you’re someone like an artist or writer, then smoking weed can be a great way to boost your creativity and get over creative blocks.

  1. Better Sleep

Insomnia and struggle sleeping can be a major detriment to one’s life. It is extremely hard to be happy and productive if you can’t get the right amount of sleep. One interesting way to combat insomnia is by smoking weed. As mentioned before, smoking weed can be a great way to relax and relieve stress, allowing you to sleep easier. In addition, smoking weed in itself can make you tired and want to sleep, making it a great way to get better sleep and more of it.

  1. Improved Social Life

Smoking weed is an inherently social activity. You’ll have to form connections and communicate in order to purchase weed, and the consumption of weed is also usually done in groups. In addition, being high can be a great cure for social anxiety and stress. Since smoking weed is great at combating anxiety, it can be a great way to calm nerves and lead to a better social life.