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Hemp Apparel? It's the New Wave

Hemp Apparel? It's the New Wave

The fibers taken from the stem of the cannabis plant are HEMP! Hemp is used to make paper, rope, and strong fabrics, so why not apparel. There is a big misconception in the non-smoking work that hemp is weed, or that hemp and CBD are the same thing. I am here to tell you that those two statements are FALSE. Now sit down, Toke your blunt and hear me out. 

Although hemp plants and weed plants are dopplegangers, they definitely have their differences. The hemp pant only contains 0.03% or less, in the THC contents. Whereas weed could potentially contain over 90% THC. Hemp is hands down the strongest natural fiber in the world, from oil paints to lip balms there are over 50,000 different uses for hemp. For starters weed is not legal in all 50 states. Effects that come from weed include, europhia, happiness, and dry mouth something you cannot get from hemp plant. Weed plants also have visible buds that are used to get the user high. The difference between hemp and CBD are that they are extracted from different parts of the plant. Hemp is derived from the seeds and steam, whereas CBD takes uses of the full plant. BCD is mostly used for stress relieving, holistic tactics to better improve people's well-being. Hemp is mainly used for the strength in their fibers. 

So now that, that was squared away let's talk about hemp apparel, we benefit so much from hemp it is unbelievable. Hemp apparel is not expensive, because the plant grows quickly and produces mind-blowing amounts of fiber per acre. It's the perfect every season fabric, because it is mold and UV-resistant, it can also be blended with other fabrics. Fun fact: Betsy Ross used hemp fabric to sew together the first ever american flag. Designers are starting to use hemp fabric a lot more because the plant needs two thirds less water than other well known plants fabrics used for apparel items. They do this to show their support in  political causes, and environmentally friendly campaigns that they believe in. Americans spend close to $400 billion on apparel, but are quickly losing excitement for what is new. Hemp’s first debut on the runway was in 2018, with a 26 piece display. Hemp is no longer for the hippie, and the style is becoming a trend, customers are gawking at the new environment friendly look. An artist in Williamsport, PA owns a brand named DumbLoud, which  offers apparel that embodies the stoner culture in hip-hop, is preparing to make the switch to hemp fabric and hemp fabric blends. The main reason being that they want to fully embrace the cannabis plants, and do their part in protecting this  planet. Hemp had such a bad stigma around the legality of usage in the early days, it suddenly became a forbidden word. But as weed, CBD, and hemp are becoming more of a household name, the use of hemp fabric will increase in the fashion world in no time. Patagonia, a well known brand has a large collection of hemp apparel for women, children, men and the pets. 

Top 5 Hemp Clothing Brands


Jungmaven is the sleekest hemp clothing brand around! The clothing represents the comfy by chic look. With apparel items that are 100% hemp, they stay true to the sustainability of the environment, and giving their customers all natural products.


According to Patagonia, “their hemp collection is made from hemp blended with TENCEL® lyocell and organic cotton for strength and durability that exceeds that of linen. This collection is for the working people of America, ones that like to get down and dirty. Patagonia’s hemp collection is made for tough jobs and can withstand any pressure thrown at it.


Recreater is the coolest hemp brand on the market! Their skater, too cool for school vibes, makes it hard to remember it was made with hemp fabrics. They also sell 100% hemp apparel, that frequently sells out in seconds of being on the shelf. 

WAMA Underwear

With their main concern being to keep men and women's unmentionables comfortable, WAMA Underwear strive to use hemp fabric as much as they can. With hemp being anti-bacterial and breathable it is a no brainer to use it to protect what some may argue the most important places on our bodies. 


Last but not least Hempy’s is the exact image you imagine when it comes to hemp.They are all about the planet, and the cause while supporting anything pro-earth. Their hemp apparel ranges from journals, to wallets while including your everyday jeans.

All things considered, hemp fabric is on the rise to becoming number one fabric to use in all industries. Whether you are, support the earth or looking for the best  undies for maximum comfort hemp fabrics and oils will always an option. So join the born again wave, and do your part!

HEMP out!


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