7 Reasons Why Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol

Potheads versus Lushes, GO! Now both have their pros and cons but plain and simple weed is safer and better for many reasons check out the top 7 reasons below. For starters, at one point in time both substances were illegal, but for some reason there is a way bigger stigma for weed rather than alcohol. To give a quick comparison on a few situations that occur when both substances are partaken. When it comes to crime rates alcohol is known to cause the most harm, where on the other hand weed increases the probability of being in a car accident by 83%. Note that driving stoned or drunk is equally not smart, can become expensive and VERY dangerous. Memory loss and alcohol have a long history, blackouts and not remembering what happened the night before is a common effect for a long night of drinking. Weed has more of a long term memory loss, and retaining new knowledge. Last comparison is the overdose rate, binge drinking account for nearly half of alcohol related deaths, deaths caused by weed is almost zero. A study mentioned that a fatal dose of THC would be 15 and 70 grams, to put that is stoner terms you would have to smoke between 200 and 1,000 joints in a day to overdose from weed. Alcohol beats weed in all negative aspects, so here is a list of the top 10 reasons why you should roll a joint and smoke up instead of pouring a few shots.

7 Reasons Why We Love Weed

Natural Healing Powers: 

Weed has the ability to relieve chronic pain, help the process of losing weight, it calms cancer symptoms, regulates diabetes, and helps alleviate anxiety. These healing powers do not stop there which is why its becoming decriminalized, and legalized state wide. Doctors swear by it, patients need it and it heals! You’ll never see a doctor prescribing alcohol for a chronically ill patient. 

Full Plant Utilization: 

The full cannabis plant can be utilized for many different things. Things that are produced from cannabis include hemp, CBD, and the beautiful THC. The hemp plant is one of the strongest fibers on the planet. It is used for clothing, woven baskets and rope. For the best stoner outfit check out Dumbloud “If it ain’t Dumbloud it’s just dumb!”. Weed clothing is becoming popular for environmental sustainability, and the retro flare. Since alcohol is made from many different things there is no thought to “alcohol clothing”

Imagination Enhancement: 

Many artists give weed credit for freeing the mind, loosening up, and producing great vibes for thought. It generates removal from reality and provides euphoria in minutes. Whether you are a student taking a final, dropping a new song or painting the next Picasso weed is helpful. It ignites a sense of focus in the process because it enhances determination. By the time you get to really work through being tipsy, you probably won’t remember it the next day. 

Acts as an “Ice Breaker”: 

  Nothing is better than a group of friends joined together by a couple of blunts and pizza. Since weed reduces social anxieties, it has the ability to loosen people up and break the ice in a potentially awkward situation. There will always be something you make  you laugh, and wonder why. Alcohol can definitely get you loose, but maybe too loose!

Pairs well with Food:

  Weed is to food, as Toke is to Cannabis Marketing! We are all guilty of getting high and eating the best snack in the kitchen. THC has the ability to make food more appetizing and appealing, and on the other hand it can make you feel like you haven’t eaten in days. Alcohol only pairs well with food if you eat before, So grab your snacks, my favorite is flamin hot cheetos, comment below your favorite stoner snack!

The Sex is Great:

 THC enhances sexual pleasures, the feeling of skin to skin contact is unmatched when weed is involved. Confidence and abilities are more prevalent, and senses are boosted. Energy is elevated, and feels like it could last forever. The sensations are mind blowing! Drunk sex is never consistent and mostly disappointing. 

High Dreams: 

Weed turns dreams into movies, the most vivid detailed dreams you will have. Some people will take sleeping pills, or sleepytime tea, but smoking a quick joint or eating a small edible will knock you out  and provide the best sleep someone can ask for. But please make sure you are smoking the right weed, choosing Indica’s over Staiva’s will make a huge difference. I can’t think of a time I remembered a dream I had when I was drunk. 

Weed will always be superior to alcohol. The cons of alcohol surpasses weed’s by a mile. So the next time you go to take a shot think about the after effect like blackouts and hangovers,and say to yourself “Who am I kidding, I’d rather be high” and rollup homie!

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